Len Albright

Urban and Environmental Sociologist


Massey DS, Albright L, Casciano R, Derickson ES, and Kinsey DN. (2013). Climbing Mount Laurel: The Struggle for Affordable Housing and Social Mobility in an American Suburb. Princeton University Press.


      Chapter 1 is available here.


Please email me for a copy of these papers if you are unable to access them.

DS Massey, L Albright, J Steil, JS Rugh. (2016). "Riding the Stagecoach to Hell: A Qualitative Analysis of Racial Discrimination in Mortgage Lending." City and Community. Forthcoming. 

Rugh JS, L Albright, and DS Massey. (2015). Race, Space, and Cumulative Disadvantage: A Case Study of the Subprime Lending Collapse. Social Problems 62(2): 186-218.

Wylie S, and L Albright. (2014). Wellwatch: Reflections on Designing Digital Media for Multi-Sited Para-Ethnography. Journal of Political Ecology 21(1): 321-348.

Albright L, Derickson ES, and DS Massey. (2013). Do Affordable Housing Projects Harm Suburban Communities? Crime, Property Values, and Taxes in Mount Laurel, NJ. City and Community 12(2): 89:122.


​​Papers in Progress:

Green Building in Climate Action Plans: The Role of Commercial Real Estate Developers (with Erin Hoffer).

Steil, Justin, Len Albright, Jacob S. Rugh, and Douglas S. Massey. “Durable Inequality and Mechanisms of Mortgage Discrimination.”

Spatial Politics and School Context in the Integration of Suburban Low-Income Housing Residents

Race, Class, and Mobility: Imagined Futures in Suburban Low-Income Housing.

Books in Progress:

Making it Out Here: Imagined Futures in Suburban Low-Income Housing (To be submitted Fall 2015).